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Flavorful Shortcuts to Indian/Pakistani Cooking                


      Farhana Sahibzada

"Farhana is a master! This book is easy to follow, even for new and budding chefs. I would recommend this book and these recipes for everyone. You can be ready to host a big, happy dinner party in not time. My favorite are the SAMOSAS!! TO DIE FOR!!"
"This book is filled with food that is fresh and doable, and with Farhana's tips and tricks and easy to follow directions it's easy enough for even a novice"

Joanne Weir

Award winning cookbook author, television personality and cooking teacher


"In this book she explains the little tricks and techniques that Indian cooks follow without thinking and would never bother to tell you. This isn't another collection of the same old Indian recipes..."

Barbara Hansen, L.A. Weekly/L.A. Times

A must have for the Indian food enthusiast!
Filled with simplified versions of some popular Indian/Pakistani food recipes. 

Healthier versions of restaurant favorites, tandooris, curries, vegetarian cooking, appetizers, desserts and more!!

The best 'gulaab jamun' recipe outside of Bedan road Lahore!

The best seekh kabob recipe ever!!

Going hit or miss making shammi kabobs?
Farhana has tailored it down to an exact science, follow her directions for a 'fool proof' outcome every time...

          Pictures of recipes in the cookbook


              Sauteing tomatoes and onions for the base sauce

  Saute okra separately  first with ginger, garlic, salt and crushed
                                            red pepper

                 wash and completely drain okra before cooking... 

Add sauteed okra to the prepared tomato, onion and spice base and finish cooking by simmering the two together.

 Recipe for bhindi ki bhujia included in: 

 'Flavorful Shortcuts to Indian/Pakistani Cooking' 

Aloo Channay Pappri Chaat:

Served here as a salad...  with a selection of chutneys to go with it.


In the front tamarind chutney, plum chutney in the middle and the green mint chutney in the back, all recipes included in
Flavorful Shortcuts to Indian/Pakistani Cooking


 Samosas waiting to be served to an eager crowd in the lunch room, easily duplicated for your next party using the recipe for samosas in Farhana's cookbook coming soon.

Aloo Palak: (spinach and potatoes curry)

Great with chappatis, parathas, naan or rice, take your pick! With flavors to sell the toughest vegetable-sell on the table, yes even including your 4 year old... all secret ingredients and flavorings for this recipe revealed in Farhana's cookbook- soon available to order.

Gulaab Jamun:

Only the best recipe outside of Beedan Road, Lahore...

Look inside the book for this recipe, no family secrets held back!!

Pistachio and almond kulfi with berries

East meets west in this dessert, pistachio and almond Lahori kulfi served with fresh California berries. 


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