Photo Gallery of some of Farhana's cooking classes and Events:

                                            A book signing event in Culver City, California

Book Singing at Crown Books in Woodland Hills, California

Food samples of Daal, paratha and aloo palak at 
Farhana's Indian food 
cooking class at Whole Foods in Los Angeles

A hands on Indian Food Cooking class, Culver City, California

OK, cilantro is chopped, what next?? another hands-n cooking class!  

(above and below)
Indian/Pakistani food cooking class at the Grove! 

Book singing and cooking class...Westlake Culinary Institute
home of Let's Get Cookin!!


There's at least one chef's coat out there with signature of some true legends in
the culinary world...(see: Julia Child in red at the top) 
and what prompted this cooking school in California to ask me to sign it as well???
(see last name on the list above) 
All I know is am truly touched by the honor!!
Thank you Cumin and Coriander....

A poster outside a  Whole Foods Market in California promoting one of Farhana's Indian food cooking classes!